Creative Sound Artists (CSA) is a subsidiary of East European Music Management (EEMM) and started off as brand specialized for bookings of emerging, EDM and mainstream deejays, singers and performing artists as well as commercial live bands. Recently rooster expanded to deep and tech house. It was established in 2013 and is managed by senior booking manager Simon Horvat.

The strength of CSA lies in EEMM’s prominent brand, its leading regional market position, rich experience, know-how, professionally ran business and international connections combined with fresh energy, enthusiasm and a good nose for emerging trends and artists so distinctive for the team running CSA. What makes this business really special is its good connection to younger, the most trend-oriented audience, trough its tight involvement in spring breaks, university breaks, major student events, vanguard electronic festivals and club projects in the Adriatic region.

What you get by doing business with CSA is that unique combination of dealing with professional major agency that has the agility and flexibility of freelance agent, who is well in touch with market desires, the latest trends, and has a really good touch for servicing the niche markets.


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